The Final Step Towards Healthy Feet

Final Step Towards Healthy Feet

"Help! I have an Ingrown Toenail!"

Basic Questions

If you have an ingrown toenail, the most important thing to know is DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT YOURSELF!

Treatment Options


Conservative Treatment

For the conservative treatment, Hillel will remove the small section of nail that is growing into the skin. In some cases this is all that is needed, especially when the case is more mild or it is the first time that the patient is suffering from an ingrown toenail. There is the option to use local anesthetic to numb the toe when the ingrown toenail is very deep and painful.


Permanent Treatment

The permanent treatment is highly recommended when the problem is more chronic, and the patient has suffered from recurrent ingrown toenails in the same toe.  If the patient has had the conservative treatment done more than twice and the ingrown toenail keeps coming back, the permanent solution should be done.  This procedure is done at the clinic under local anesthetic.  Hillel Gluch will surgically remove a small section of the root of the nail that is causing the ingrown toenail to recur. In most cases it is only a tiny section of the nail that must be taken out and there is no need to remove the whole nail. Once the root is fully removed, the podiatrist will use an acid to burn out the area so that the root will not grow back in that corner of the nail. The patient will not feel anything during the procedure after the anesthesia sets in.