The Final Step Towards Healthy Feet

Final Step Towards Healthy Feet


Hillel Gluch


Hillel ran his own private clinic in Jerusalem for a full decade before choosing to close it in order to concentrate totally on the public sector (kupat cholim). However, due to demand and the dire lack of expertise in the field of ingrown toenails, and his own extensive experience in treating this health issue effectively, Hillel recently opened The Hillel Gluch Ingrown Toenail Center in Jerusalem.

Hillel Gluch was raised and trained as a podiatrist in South Africa and has been treating podiatric foot problems for over twenty years. For over ten years, he had his own private podiatry practice in Jerusalem. Hillel then began to expand his services in the public sector in 2003. He has worked in three of the Kupot Cholim (Israel National Health Insurance companies) – Meuhedet, Maccabi, and Clalit, including 14 years at the Clalit diabetic clinic. Hillel did his milluim (reserve duty for the Israeli army) at the nail surgery department, where he treated and performed surgery on thousands of soldiers. During his time in the military as well as the Kupot Cholim, Hillel noticed the lack of specialized treatment available for ingrown toenails. Recognizing the crucial need for a professional approach to treatment, Hillel felt that something needed to be done. Hillel’s extensive experience in successfully treating ingrown toenails with a gentle touch and with RELATIVELY painless treatments paved the way to the opening of The Hillel Gluch Ingrown Toenail Center.