The Final Step Towards Healthy Feet

Final Step Towards Healthy Feet



End your ingrown toenail problems. Finally.


Professional & Gentle

Hillel Gluch has extensive experience with ingrown toenails in private practice, Kupot cholim, and the Israeli army surgical clinic, perfecting his gentle touch and relatively painless treatments over the years.


Quick & Thorough

With so much experience, Hillel is known for his ability to work thoroughly and quickly with minimal pain during and after treatment.


Minimal Pain

Hillel Gluch uses unique methods, a gentle touch, and local anesthesia (when necessary) to minimize pain during and after medical procedures. Most of Hillel's patients report little or no pain.


Natural Appearance

Hillel's patients report being very satisfied that the nail looks natural after surgery. It is very hard to see the difference between the appearance of the nail before and after surgery.


A Permanent Solution

Hillel's unique treatment removes the root in the corner of the nail which keeps recurring, solving the problem in such a way that it does not return.
Result: NO MORE ingrown toenails!

What Our Patients Are Saying

I'm also a podiatrist and went to Hillel 20 years ago for ingrown toenail surgery. He did an excellent, pain free treatment and cured the problem. I recommend him highly! -Ian Radnor, England
It looks like a regular toenail! I can't even see the difference. -Sigal N., Kiryat Gat
You're finished already?! I didn't feel anything. -Moshe K., Jerusalem
Awesome patient care. Very experienced and professional. Highly recommended! -Avigdor Book, Modiin
After several appointments with a surgeon and the pain not easing up, I went to Hillel to sort things out. That was several years ago and I haven't had an issue since. -Raphael Freeman, Modiin